1 Week Before Travel

Logistical Preparations

Communicate emergency information provide by LIFE International to your family
Familiarize yourself with your flight plans (airports, layovers, immigration, etc)
Secure your personal funds (New bills no tears, rips or markings)
Review the Communication RISK Category and ensure your family/friends understand how they can publicly share about your travels

Prayer Focus: Participants

“Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop-a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown.”
Matthew 13:7

  • Please pray that the Lord would open schedules for those He has chosen to attend the Journey of a Life-Giver training.
  • Pray that each attendee would have the financial provision needed to attend the training and for protection concerning their physical and spiritual health.
  • Pray that God would prepare their hearts to be ready to receive the seeds of Truth being sown.
  • Pray for protection from the enemy, for all of the families and ministries attending the Journey of a Life-Giver training.
  • Please pray that God would draw pastors and their wives, along with other leaders in the church, to the training.
  • Pray that the participants would be willing to be transparent about experiences concerning sanctity of human life issues in their own lives.
  • Pray for healing, redemption, and restoration for anyone present who has been wounded by abortion in their past.

Spiritual Foundation: Live Out the Gospel

Jesus came to bring us abundant life, eternal life (John 10:10); that truth is at the heart of the Gospel. So to share this “Good News” (Luke 4:43) about Jesus—to evangelize—means that we must share about the life that He offers and the life that He desires each person to possess. If love motivates us to tell others about Jesus, then that same love should motivate us to include the truth about how much God values each and every human life, including the preborn.

The time you invest in other people must always be seen as a divine appointment. God is at work in their lives, even if you can’t see it. Therefore, you will want to be intentional about listening, caring, and speaking words of hope to others. Remember that the most significant word of hope you can offer to others is the truth that God loves them, no matter how difficult their circumstances may be. He sees their struggles, and He is there for them.

By living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ you can demonstrate care for others by speaking the truth in love. This is the life-giving nature of the Gospel, and it is especially helpful for people during a time of crisis. In the midst of a person’s struggle, he or she may need both a cup of cold water (Matthew 10:42) and the Living Bread (John 6:51).

What Does It Mean to Live Out the Gospel?

The heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that God loves us so much that He sent His Son to die on our behalf, so that we might experience His love forever! This great news is true for the whole person: spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical. To live out the Gospel means being compassionate, doing what we can to meet others’ needs, and caring about their lives. And it means sharing the hope we have in Christ in a way that conveys to other people the relevance of the Gospel for every area of their lives.

Why Is it Important to Live Out the Gospel?

Only God can meet a person’s deepest needs.

By listening to a person, seeking solutions, offering confidential counsel, and providing direct and practical care, we help to relieve the difficulty of their situation. As we do this for others, we are living out the Gospel.

Sometimes that is the most we can do.

Other times, due to the very nature of a person’s crisis, they may be tender and open to considering their deeper, spiritual needs and discovering God’s purpose for their life. A man or woman may be silently screaming, “I cannot do this on my own. There must be more to life than my hopeless circumstances!” When a person comes to the end of themselves, they are ready to receive the truth of a loving Father. For it is only our loving Father who can meet a person’s deepest needs.

God wants His love to be expressed to people.

When you talk to another person, it’s important to remember that God loves that individual. He wants the best for them, and that includes salvation, a life of purpose, and a close relationship with Him. As His servant, you have been commissioned and commanded to pass on His message of love. It is your privilege and responsibility to share this truth with everyone you meet.

God has an amazing way of matching people up. He knows what a particular person needs to hear, and He often brings just the right person into his or her life. You will be amazed how your background, circumstances, and daily experiences with God will connect with another person’s own background, circumstances, and need for encouragement. There are no coincidences with God.


We are often given the privilege of expressing God’s heart and being His hands, reaching out to those in need. Even so, it remains God’s job to draw a person to Himself and lead them to repentance through His kindness (Romans 2:4). Everything you do, not just what you say, is an expression and reflection of God’s love. With every person you encounter throughout each day, you have the opportunity to minister God’s message of love and hope through your words and deeds—and that is living out the Gospel.

For Reflection

How is the "Live Out the Gospel" Spiritual Foundation important to becoming a life-giver? Why is it particularly necessary to any life-giving ministry?
How is God using your dependence on prayer to prepare you for your upcoming trip?