Journey of a Life-Giver Training

The Journey of a Life-Giver Training provided by LIFE International will offer a life-changing, sanctity-of-human-life experience that focuses on the prominent issues faced by Christians, as it prepares them to share the message of life so that their communities are transformed. This biblical foundation will prepare Journey of a Life-Giver Training attendees to speak to their families, congregations, and communities about issues related to the sacredness of human life.

In a series of valuable and motivating sessions, attendees will learn about the biblical foundation for the value and dignity of human life, and will gain useful insight into how to incorporate these truths into their lives and ministries. As these truths are spread throughout families and congregations, the resulting impact will multiply within communities and regions and will act as a life-giving virus that will spread among the nations and around the globe.

This training requires 32 hours usually divided over 4 or 5 days.


Pastors and church leaders:

  • Are challenged to take the lead in restoring the sanctity of human life.
  • Are encouraged and prepared to facilitate the Journey of a Life-Giver Training for others.
  • Learn the benefits of starting a Life Giving Ministry.
  • See and hear the heart of Father God regarding the sanctity of human life.
  • Are equipped to bolster and reinforce the role of—and need for—prayer.
  • Discover the depth of attack upon human life within churches and nations.
  • Experience an opportunity for personal forgiveness and healing.

Journey of a Life-Giver Training Topics:

The Church Leader’s Journey
The Biblical Worldview
The Sacredness of Human Life
Becoming a Life-Giver
Spiritual Foundations of Ministry
God’s Design for the Family
Biblical Sexuality
Human Reproduction: Pregnancy and Fetal Development
After Abortion
Repentance, Forgiveness and Healing
Next Steps: responding to what God is calling you to do