Journey of a Life-Giver Training

LIFE International’s Journey of a Life-Giver Training is a seminar, led by LIFE International staff and volunteers, that will establish a biblical foundation for the protection of human life in your region. We want to equip you, as a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ, to walk in your God-given authority to protect life and rescue those being led away to death (Proverbs 24:11).

Through this seminar you will be equipped to speak to your congregation, family, and community about issues related to the sacredness of human life. The Journey of a Life-Giver Training is comprised of two key components:

1. Prayer

An essential component of the Journey of a Life-Giver is the Advance Prayer Initiative, held about a month before the seminar. During this time a foundation of prayer will be established in order to prepare the way for hearts to be transformed during the training seminar.

2. Seminar

In a series of valuable and motivating sessions, you will learn about the biblical foundation for the value and dignity of human life, and you will gain useful insight into how to incorporate these truths into your life and ministry.

Online Training Materials

LIFE International is committed to equipping leaders through a range of training initiatives so that people of all nations will come to new life in Jesus Christ, and revere and nurture human life from conception to natural death. We provide training resources developed from a biblical Christian worldview.

Our training resources are offered freely to those who desire to know more about life issues. You are invited to download any of these tools to equip yourself in responding to the issues confronting your community and region.