FundEasy is a tool that LIFE International is offering you for support-raising. It is a webpage that makes it easy to tell people about your activity, and to communicate with your prayer and financial partners. Volunteers who have used this tool have seen their fund-raising results significantly increase when fully utilizing all the tools available!

  • Customizing your webpage is simple: LIFE International has a basic template that you are able to customize with your information. Your partners will be clear on what and whom they are supporting.
  • Giving is easy for your supporters: Gifts are automatically deposited to LIFE International’s bank account. No more collecting, calculating and sending in checks, although it is possible to record gifts that are not donated directly through FundEasy. Write checks to LIFE International and send to ATTN: Pam Rookus, LIFE International, 72 Ransom Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Include a note to Pam with your name and the event for which you are raising funds.
  • Communication is easy for you: You can write and share updates on your personalized page during your preparation, during the event, and after! Regular updates are important to motivate and envision your donors!
  • Sharing about your activities can be done in one click! Scroll to the SPREAD THE WORD section of your page to share via social media and email by clicking the links.

STEP 1: Once you are assigned to a team, LIFE International will send you an invitation to create your personal page. Click the Create My Page button and you will be guided through each step of the setup. Your funds are required to come in before you leave on the trip, however set your giving campaign to close, or end, one month after you return from the event so that people may continue giving.

STEP 2: Your webpage will look much like this when you have completed the FundEasy registration. Note that you are able to edit your page after you have completed the setup and registration. You are also able to record gifts that were not given through the webpage by clicking the Record Offline Gift button.