Grant Fund Description

To support the mission, vision, and values of LIFE International by investing throughout the world in life-giving ministries which uphold the sanctity of human life from conception until end of life.

Purpose & Activities

  • Programs/services: development or continuing support of programs and services (i.e. abstinence, post-abortion, etc)
  • One-time projects: publications, curriculum development, translation of publications and curriculum, conferences or seminars, equipment, etc.

Grant Types

No grants are made for:

  • Operating budgets (i.e. salaries, monthly utility bills, rent) or ministry vehicles
  • Annual campaigns—the daily business of raising general funds for the ministry
  • New building construction
  • Emergency funds or deficit financing

Grant Limitations

Matching funds* are available or may be required for certain requests.

 *Example: The cost of a project is $3,000. You raise $1,500 from another source(s) and LIFE will match that amount ($1,500) to complete the full cost of the project.

Matching Grant Program

Minimum: $100

Typical: $100–$500 to a ministry with which LIFE International has a young relationship
$2,500–$5,000 to a partner with whom LIFE International has a longstanding relationship

Grant Amount

Prospective applicants should write a one or two page proposal that describes the basic problem and the plan for its solution (see Proposal Guidelines).

Fill out and submit the secure forms (see Completing & Submitting Your Proposal) then email the proposed budget OR you may email your proposal and budget to

Application Process

No deadline. Applications are accepted continually. 

Application Deadline

Continual. Committee meets every other month.

Funding Cycle

December 31

Fiscal Year End

Fran Malfer, International Ministries Liaison