Ready to Serve Devotional

A study to prepare your “heart, soul, mind and strength” to love God and love your neighbor. 

This devotional guide is divided into 6 weeks with the intention of giving spiritual and cross-cultural preparation leading up to your service with LIFE International. Each week is divided into three focus areas:

  1. A meditation based on the 5 paintings illustrating Intimacy Before Impact
  2. A study based on the six Spiritual Foundations of Ministry from The Journey of a Life-Giver curriculum. 
  3. A reflection on your cultural preparation as well as some logistical things to think about.

This study is by no means mandatory. If you find it helpful, then I encourage you to use it in the way that fits you best. If you have other material that you find more appropriate for you personally, then feel free to use that instead. The point is not the tool you use, but the outcome; preparing your heart and mind for international service.