What will we do during the retreat?

As stated in the title of the event, this is a “Training Retreat.” Our aim is that even though you will be learning new information and skills you will still go away from this time rested and spiritually renewed. One of the most frequent suggestions is that we make this event longer, five days rather than four, testimony that indicates this is a time of peace and rest.

Time will be given for:

  • Worship and Praise of our Creator.
  • Prayer in both corporate and personal settings.
  • Activities that are conducive to learning together.
  • Cultural simulations designed to stretch your mental and, in some cases, your physical capacities.
  • Personal reflection and planning through listening prayer.
  • Meaningful group dialogue where sessions are “facilitated” more than “taught.”
  • Rest in the lodge-like atmosphere or walking through the woods, along the riverside admiring the creation and worshiping the Creator.


Thursday Afternoon

Thursday After Dinner


Friday After Breakfast

  • Devotional: Covenant Relationships
  • Prayer and worship
  • Session: LIFE International “Equipping Strategy”
  • Session: Worldview

Friday After Lunch

  • Cultural Simulation: Yes, No, Maybe So
  • Session: Understanding CQ: beyond just saying and doing the right things
  • Self-Discovery- Guided Listening Prayer

Friday After Dinner

  • Session: Travel Case Studies (Learning from our mistakes)

Saturday Morning

  • Breakfast: A cultural experience in learning to appreciate anything you are served.
  • Devotional, prayer and worship
  • Cultural simulation: Seven-Month Baby (Biblical truth Vs Cultural Expression`)
  • Session: Understanding our values as we understand the values of others
  • Session: Getting and ITS from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu and back again

Saturday After Lunch

  • Session: PTCQ- NOW what do I do?
  • Self Discovery-Guided Listening Prayer

Saturday After Dinner

  • MBFGW-Light group activity with laughter

Sunday After Breakfast

  • Praise & Worship
  • Session: Understanding/confessing our interior struggle with those different from us
  • Ministering to one another in prayer
  • Review: Objectives and Expectations

Sunday After Lunch