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A pastor who is currently shepherding or has shepherded a congregation. The Pastor role focuses on giving spiritual support and being sensitive to the spiritual needs of team members and event participants.

Giftings/Talents/Experience: Pastoral/counseling experience, intercession, encouragement/exhortation, and discernment.


  • Be available for shepherding, prayer, and counsel of team members as well as event participants.
  • Be constantly aware of the spiritual tenor during the event.
  • Maintain sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and be able to discern potential agenda changes.
  • Exercise pastoral authority and openly express impressions to the Team Leader.
  • Maintain sensitivity to ensuing spiritual warfare.
  • Be ready to listen and give spiritual counsel as needed.
  • Be available if called upon unexpectedly for moments of pastoral teaching or special prayer.
  • Be able and willing to facilitate the teaching session on forgiveness and healing.
  • In the absence of another intercessor, inform Journalist of prayer needs and requests.

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