South Africa Advance Prayer Initiative

Photo and content generously provided by Ignite South Africa

In South Africa, more than 50% of the legal abortions are performed on girls under 18 years of age.  In recent years, South Africa has seen a rise in the number of abortions upwards of 30% each year.  Even worse, it is estimated that illegal abortions double the number performed and also account for numerous deaths.  The Minister of Health recently stated his fear, that girls are using abortion as a form of contraceptive.

To combat this heartbreaking trend, members of LIFE International will be serving alongside us and hosting a 5 day Church Leaders Training in November.  The purpose is to equip pastors and church leaders with the sanctity of life message.  The training will provide the tools to teach and counsel in life issues such as Biblical sexuality, God’s design for the family, pregnancy, abortion and post-abortion aftercare, healing and more.

In preparation for this important event, members from LIFE International are also hosting a 2-day Advance Prayer Initiative next week.  The prayer event will gather prayer warriors and intercessors from our local churches, teaching them how to specifically pray concerning the sanctity of human life.

We know that prayer is powerful, and that through prayer the Lord will renew minds, heal hurts, restore hearts and make paths straight for His truths to be proclaimed.

Thanks for praying with us!