Students hear Good News in Kharkov, Ukraine

Excerpt from Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center November 18, 2014 newsletter by Director Lena Batina

We are called to live and influence the world. The enemy wants us to feel insignificant and small in our own eyes—to be focused on the little problems—but in reality with God we are called to bring God’s kingdom on earth. I believe we can establish the truth of sanctity of human life as a pillar.

I guided them with human kindness, with loving reins. I acted toward them like one who removes a yoke from their neck; I bent down and fed them.
— Hosea 11:4 ISV

We do it by being a voice of God for those who can not speak for themselves, by bringing hope to women in hopeless circumstances, by discipling young mothers by feeding them gently and by lifting up and easing the yoke. We do it through the True Love Waits program—bringing good news about relationships to schools: 

We need this kind of program. I realized that life can be destroyed. We need to think through before we make our choices—the wrong choice can cost freedom. Thank you.
— True Love Waits Student Participant
I understood today that I need to change my values. At my age I have the ability to get on the right path.
— True Love Waits Student Participant