The Father’s healing hand on Bolivia

The last days of January, 2015, found a group of training specialists gathering from around the United States to facilitate abortion-recovery-counselor training in Bolivia. Preparing for their visit was a group of 22 faithful believers who asked for training to care for the needs of post-abortive women and men in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

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Starting the week with personal testimony, the facilitators led the participants through a time of grieving for their own personal experiences with abortion and with other violations of the sacredness of life. 

The testimony time reinforced that the effects and devastations of abortion are very similar all around the world: fear and shame, along with the emotional, physical, and spiritual damage that abortion causes, are always present.
— LIFE International Volunteer Training Specialist

The focus then shifted to how Jesus paid the full price for every sin. Participants were affirmed and blessed in their God-given roles to be mothers and fathers. During this time the team watched as walls were broken down, tears flowed, and the presence of the Lord was evident in the room. 

The Father’s tender love was overwhelmingly present with us and it created a safe atmosphere where the group felt free to be transparent, and experience His healing from deep wounds for the first time.
— LIFE International Staff Facilitator

The final day of training began with praise. Excited participants pledged to support one another and teach others what they learned. They are determined to see fruit!

There are so many in our city, country, and in South America that need Christ’s forgiveness and to begin a new life with Him.
— Abortion Recovery Training Participant