Sharing the Light of Christ in DR Congo

A Church Leader Training is taking place in the nation that was deemed by a UN official as “the rape capital of the world.” The warlords of the Democratic Republic of Congo are using sexual violence to fight for land, natural resources, and ethnic cleansing. 

ReachAfrica is sharing the light of Christ in a place that had been claimed for darkness. Through the strength of the Holy Spirit, ReachAfrica team members are proclaiming the truth of God about about the sacredness and value of every human life. 

With training from LIFE International facilitators, the ReachAfrica teams are traveling throughout the nation to equip and resource church leaders. Most recently, in the town of Maluku, 80 kilometers from the capital city of Kinshasa, 28 church leaders attended a Church Leader Training. The next training began on February 28 in the northern city of Mbandaka.

Please join us in prayer for this nation.

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