Georgians find hope in the midst of chaos

The founder of a life-giving ministry in the nation of Georgia wrote recently that there are major political and economic challenges facing the people of her nation. There is fear and uncertainly about the future and Georgians are searching for hope. 

The Lari [currency] has dropped sharply and many people are experiencing greater financial hardship.
It can be overwhelming at times, but it also opens doors to talk to people about God as the God of Hope—Hope in His perfect love for us, His sovereignty, the assurance that everything that happens to us is in His loving permissive will for us, and He will never leave or forsake us!

To learn more about the nation of Georgia and how you can pray, check out this great resource.

Amidst all the chaos, uncertainty, and fearful times, we can feel secure in His plan and His love for us.
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