Radio 7 is a Christian station broadcasting life-giving messages in Albania and Kosovo. Partnering with organizations around the world, Radio 7 provides quality, Gospel-centered programming and follow-up. 

Vera* is a Radio 7 listener. She lives in a Muslim household with her husband, their five children, and her husband’s family. She experiences physical and emotional abuse in her home.

Vera became a follower of Christ by reading a Bible given to her by her sister. Through the counseling of Radio 7 staff and the resources she has received from them, she is growing in her understanding of the character of God.

“When she was down and felt alone she would hear how Jesus was always with her. When she needed grace and patience, she would hear how in her weakness God was strong. When she felt no one was hearing her cries, she knew God was her advocate.

When her husband destroyed her Bible, Vera found that one thing that could not be taken from her is prayer. She learned about how women suffer around the world for their faith.

“Vera understands suffering, so she found her mission in praying for other women like herself from all around the world.

Radio 7 partners with LIFE International to meet the needs of people like Vera who have no access to biblically-based resources. 

Vera found her mission in prayer…what is your mission in life?

*Name changed for safety.

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