When I consider what Christ has done for me, and what He prompts me to do, I can come to only one conclusion: Jesus has made me irrational.

Irrational prayer calls me to pray for people and things that I am not inclined to pray for, people different from me, some who may even hate me! These prayers must also be sincere, thoughtful, and directed to their good. Apart from the Spirit’s empowerment, this is simply not possible, but it is clearly a calling to each of us as believers. (Matthew 5:44Luke 6:28)

Irrational generosity calls me to give to others when it’s not logical, even lending money without expectation of repayment. This is a foreign thought for today’s investment-minded people, because we are often concerned about the return rather than simply being generous, no strings attached. (Luke 6:27-35)

Irrational time-giving is a great challenge, because many people seem to have no awareness of how much time they absorb from others. Are we looking to pour time only into those who may be of benefit to us or society? Or are we willing to pour time into those who don’t seem to “deserve” it?

Irrational priorities call for us to let the Lord order our days. Have you discovered the reality that God is actually in charge of our days? He reorders my days regularly, and it is so freeing to experience His priorities over mine.

Irrational deposit of skills calls us to offer to the Lord our training, our degrees, our positions, and our influence—in any way that He sees fit. I remember sitting on a curb one day and hearing clearly from the Lord: “Sell your degree and follow me!” That made no rational sense to me…until I realized that my degree had become an idol to me, rather than a tool to be used by Him for His glory.

Irrational self-sacrifice is the “craziest” quality of all. But it’s the one most clearly modeled by our Savior, who took this commitment to its most extreme. (John 15:13)

If we are serious about following Jesus Christ, then our lives should look like His: lives of self-sacrifice and abandon to His holy irrationality!

Be a Host

Be a Host