Volunteer LIFE International Training Specialists (ITS) accept financial responsibility for their trip expenses incurred when traveling as part of an approved LIFE International trip. We do not expect ITS to cover trip expenses out-of-pocket, but encourage support raising. Sharing with others why you have chosen LIFE International as an organization for whom you are volunteering will provide them the opportunity to partner with you and LIFE International.

LIFE International will provide you with the total amount you need to raise for each trip. This support-raising goal is carefully calculated and represents the best estimate of expenses. LIFE International keeps financial accounting of expenses for the entire group as a whole, not by individual team member expenses.

  •  If actual trip expenses incurred on a trip are greater than the estimated amount for the group, you are not responsible to cover that increase.

  • If incurred expenses on a trip are less than the estimated amount, the additional funds will be absorbed into the LIFE International general ministry fund. 

LIFE International operates under United States tax law, which states that a non-profit organization may not legally return funds receipted to the donor. Should the trip be cancelled or a situation prohibits you from traveling, donations solicited on your behalf will be used to fulfill the reservation deposits already made on your behalf, and the remaining funds will be held for your future travel with LIFE International.


I understand that funds are not given to me;
they are a donation to the mission of LIFE International.

I understand that legally and to maintain financial integrity as a non-profit organization,
donations cannot be returned to the donor.

I understand that if I discontinue my participation in the ITS program
the funds I have raised will be used by LIFE International to further its mission.

I understand that if I raise more than the funding goal,
any additional funds will be applied to the trip I am participating on.

I understand that all trip funds are due prior to departure
unless other arrangements have been made with the project manager and/or the finance department.

I understand that should I or another team member return home unexpectedly
LIFE International cannot refund his/her money.

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