“The thief comes only to steal
and kill and destroy...”

John 10:10a

Ever since God used His own image as the blueprint for the first man and woman, Satan has been attempting to destroy human life. His attempts have taken many forms over the thousands of years of human history, but abortion has been his most insidious—and most successful—strategy.

Over 56,000,000 preborn human children lose their lives to abortion around the world every year. 

The one that “comes only to steal and kill and destroy” doesn’t end his assault on life when a child is born. Infants may be murdered or left alone to die. Children are abandoned and sold into the flesh trade at an alarming rate. Teenagers suffer conscription into military service or involuntary servitude. All people—from childhood to old age—face mistreatment, bondage, marginalization, and criminal attacks in countless forms.