Your transportation will be booked by the experienced staff of LIFE International. We will work with you toward the best schedule at the best price. Our priority is your safety, and the safety of our host.

Passport & Visa

Be certain that your passport will not expire within six months of the end of the trip and that you have the appropriate visa to enter the country. If you travel frequently, plan ahead to apply for your next needed visa at a time you are not using your passport for travel.

Generally, LIFE International headquarters relies on the services of G3 Visas for passport and visa services.  Further information can be found on the travel page of the US Department of State. For granting a visa, each nation requires different documents, varying from bank statements to letters of invitation from your host. Check the country requirements early so that you have time to prepare and obtain the needed visa.

Leave a copy of your passport with LIFE International and at home. It is also recommended that you scan a color copy of any other identification and all credit cards, etc. that you are taking with you. These scans will facilitate easy retrieval of information or replacement in the event of any being lost or stolen.