Attending team meetings are a valuable and important responsibility of each team member.

Before your trip

LIFE International will arrange for a number of team meetings to take place in person, by phone, or via Skype before the trip. The purpose is to orient you to the mission of the host you will be serving, and to build trust and understanding between team members. It is important for the success of the trip that you attend these meetings.

During the event

Each day will begin with a short devotional from a team member, prayer, worship, and instructions for the day before leaving the team accommodations. 

Each day will end with a short debrief of what took place during the day; discussing and analyzing the reactions of the event participants, and sharing team member's impressions of the Holy Spirit's work among them. This is the opportunity for facilitators to make changes if there is a communication or teaching strategy that is not working with the participants.

Before leaving the group to go to your room for the night, check in with the team leader about when and where you will gather in the morning for devotions.

After your trip

Sometimes it is difficult to reenter “normal” life. When you arrive home, please remember to read through the Reentry page. There you will find helpful ways to work through the challenges you may face. You are always welcome to call the staff at LIFE International to discuss your concerns. 

You will be invited to a team debrief with LIFE International staff in person, by phone, or via Skype in the weeks after you arrive home.