Mental Preparation

Cross-Cultural Ministry Resources:
Expand Your Borders by David Livermore
Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath (Before first trip)
Learning to Listen, Learning to teach by Jane Vella  (Before first teaching assignment)
Foreign to Familiar by Sarah Lanier
Cultural Intelligence by David Livermore
Ministering cross-culturally by Sherwood G Lingenfelter

Spiritual Formation Resources: 
Celebration of Discipline: Richard Foster

Life Issues Resources:
Why pro-life by Randy Alcorn
Journey of a Life-Giver LIFE International Church Leader Training Curriculum
Answer the Call by John Ensor

Helpful websites:

Cultural Values comparison by country:
Cultural Intelligence Blog:
Missions Magazine:
Missions Blog:
Worldview Articles—Chuck Colson:
Randy Alcorn Online Resources:  
Emmaus Road International: Missions Resources: