Spiritual Preparation

Together we seek to know, to love, and to live passionately for God. We want to make decisions that will be pleasing in God’s sight rather than our own. Seeking God’s favor through prayer is scriptural, necessary, and effective. We are dependent upon His infinite wisdom and direction. Prayer is our resource for future planning and daily decision making. We want to listen well and follow obediently. This becomes our strategic plan: discovering where the Father is working and then choosing to join Him in His work.

We have found it is essential to be covered in prayer. We recognize that when we say “Yes” to God, Satan is not pleased and will use all within his power to discourage our obedience. As you prepare to represent LIFE International on your upcoming trip, we encourage you to take time daily to listen well and follow obediently. As part of your spiritual preparation, you should develop a prayer team of 8-10 people who will commit to pray for you during your preparation and on the trip.

Spiritual Formation Resources: 
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