Your transportation will be arranged by the staff member of LIFE International who is managing the trip. Please share your needs and expectations with the project manager—they will do all that they can to accommodate you. They will have in mind the needs of the team as a whole. 

Often, the team will arrive to the event location a day or more before the start of the event in order to recover from travel, meet the team you will work with at your destination, and spend time in prayer and preparation. There may be a day after the event for debriefing with the host, and preparation for travel home.


LIFE International will work with our host to schedule the event to accommodate the needs of the participants of the event. Safety is always priority for you and the rest of the facilitating team, and for the participants. If you have any concerns about the schedule, please let your project manager know as soon as possible. 

Meal times will be arranged by the host for the provision of the event participants. Please follow the instructions of the team leader at meal times. Most often the facilitating team will eat with the participants, but on rare occasion it may be more prudent for the facilitators to eat a different meal provided by the host. Again, your safety and health is priority in making decisions about food.

Please carry protein bars or other snacks with you as meal times may vary greatly from your normal schedule. Bottled water will be provided for you by the team leader. Wash your hands with warm water and soap regularly—use of wipes and antibacterial cleansers alone is not sufficient.