The Devaluation of Human Life Affects Millions Every Day

Preborn children are the most hidden, most persecuted, and most unreached people group on the face of the Earth.

When a Child Is Conceived, the Whole Universe Changes

At the moment of fertilization, someone that has never before existed enters the world, and the entire universe changes. Never before and never again will that unique mix of attributes, talents, and features be seen in the world.

Of the estimated 211 million children that are conceived around the world every year, 56 million of them lose their lives to abortion. This is more than the global death rate from all causes, including disease, starvation, war, murder, accidents, old age, and more. It’s more than the population of Kenya, South Korea, or Spain. It’s even more than the population of the Netherlands, Australia, and Greece combined. Global abortion ends the lives of people at a rate of almost two per second.

211 Million

World Wide Yearly Conceptions

End in Abortion

If the Preborn Person Is Not Safe, No Person Is Safe

Because it occurs before someone is born, abortion will always be the earliest point that a person can be threatened. But there are many ways in which a born person can be devalued and diminished: infanticide, sexual abuse, human trafficking, slavery, domestic abuse, euthanasia, and more. All of these offenses against people have their roots in the devaluation of human life that occurs when a preborn child loses his life to abortion.

When Preborn People Are Protected, All People Benefit

Each of these offenses against human life—preborn and born—is deeply and equally wrong; all people are made in the image of God. Abortion simply has the distinction of being first. But just as a wrong view of preborn life can lead to immense suffering and loss of life, the reverse can be true: a proper view of human life can lead to the protection of people at every stage of life.

When the preborn child is seen as a person of immense worth to God, then boys and girls, men and women, all will be more highly valued. If our view of the preborn leads us to action in their defense, our protections for all human beings — of any age — will naturally follow.

Upholding the Biblical Value

of All Human Life Worldwide

Scripture tells us to “rescue those being led away to death” (Proverbs 24:11), and that is what we do at LIFE International, in partnership with thousands of ministry partners in more than 90 nations around the world. We pursue the expansion of God’s Kingdom in collaboration with like-minded Christian leaders.

You can be a part of God’s global movement for life. Today, more than 150,000 preborn children will lose their lives to abortion. With your partnership, tomorrow we can see that number decrease.

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