How do we prepare volunteers? Orientation Retreat!

ITS Orientation is required of all LIFE International volunteers before traveling with us for the first time. If you are interested in learning more about LIFE International and our strategies, or are preparing to travel internationally with us then you should attend!

The two primary objectives of the LIFE International ITS Orientation are for all participants to:

  • Grow in understanding of LIFE International’s culture and spiritual foundations.
  • Improve their global cultural-intelligence quotient (CQ) in order to enhance their capacity for cross-cultural relationship-building.

“I think LIFE International does an amazing job in helping the ITS be prepared as much as possible. From the cultural intelligence training [Orientation], to the process of helping us gain experience in a careful and thought out way, there is so much done to help us be prepared. Reality is, though, that ANYTHING can happen—from small things to large things—and you can't predict everything that might come along. I have had the privilege of traveling with [LIFE International staff] twice now, though, and they do everything possible to guide and protect those that are with them. I really couldn't ask for more!”

–ITS volunteer returning from a trip in 2015

Key concepts:

IQ is the measurement of cognitive intelligence.
EQ is the measurement of emotional intelligence.
CQ is cultural intelligence, an individual capability that can be measured and enhanced, aiding in our ability to interact cross-culturally.

For more information, check out the The Cultural Intelligence Center website.  

Click HERE to learn more about LIFE International ITS Orientation!


Diamond Pregnancy Support Center in Sydney, Australia, has become, like many of LIFE International's partners, a place of frontline support for refugees arriving from war-torn areas. We shared the story of a center in Eastern Ukraine in 2015, and they too continue to serve families by providing food, clothing, and pregnancy support. 

Diamond Center shared with LIFE International this amazing story of a woman who has experienced the hardship of war first hand. When Miriam escaped out of Mosul, Iraq—a city still under siege—she spent two years in a refugee camp. At that time, Miriam's sister was able to sponsor Miriam's emigration to Australia. 

“Arriving in Australia pregnant, and with little support, we are now able to prepare [Miriam] for her baby, and to support and cherish her life as well as her unborn. Thank you for all those who sponsor, partner with, and support our work. We are grateful and so is Miriam.”

The Lord is refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.
— Psalm 9:9

Life-giving ministry addresses many violations of the value of human life. The Bible says that the Lord has a purpose for each life, and that He loves His creation! Diamond Center staff will be sharing about Christ's love for Miriam as they provide physical care for her and her child.  

*Miriam's name has been changed to protect her privacy. 

Missions-minded Teens

This January in Tarija, Bolivia, LIFE International partner Centro de Vida (Center for Life) was invited to share about sexual purity! 

The event was organized by MOVIDA, an organization that mobilizes youth to serve in missions—locally and internationally! At the conference were 120 teenagers and young people from different church denominations, attending four plenary sessions, and breakout sessions on different themes.

Centro de Vida staff and volunteers facilitated a session on sexual purity with a group of 36 young people. There were many more that wanted to attend, but the maximum capacity was 30! 

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
— Matthew 5:16

Centro de Vida also had a resource table that received a lot of attention from the conference participants—some of the items are training tools from LIFE International, like Life in the Womb, and other items were brochures about the services offered at the pregnancy center. 


It is our prayer that these young people will take what they have learned and influence their communities for Christ by the way they live their lives—a light shining before others.

Women's Day Around the World!

March 8, 2017, was celebrated by LIFE International partners around the world! They spoke of the value of women, celebrated all ages, and defended human life at every age!

Our partner in Nepal, Voice of the Fetus, hosted events in two cities, providing food—spiritual and physical—to local women: 

“The Therefore Choose Life [event] went very productive among 100+ women in Babelone School in Kathmandu on the occasion of International Women's Day.”


“The Voice for the Voiceless program in Bhaktapur went very well today. More than 230 women participated and benefited directly.”

This may have been the first opportunity these women had to hear about how wonderfully they are made, and that God has a plan and purpose for their lives!

Africa Cares for Life Flip Charts

LIFE International has the opportunity to support life-giving work through the resources given to us by God. Recently we sent Life in the Womb flip charts to Africa Cares for Life. They distributed these flip charts to three of their life-giving ministry centers where men and women facing an unexpected pregnancy can go for spiritual and physical care.

We received these responses to the grant of flip charts:  

Amato Pregnancy Centre:

Our team used the flip chart Life in the Womb last week with our outreach. The reaction was very good: students loved it and were interested in all the pictures. The medical staff was in particular interested to use it in their clinics and enquired how they could purchase it.

Heart Matter – Grahamstown:

We all love the flip charts! [We] found them easy to use, the pictures are clear and gives one a clear view of the baby in the womb. We used them as part of our in-house training on Saturday and all our volunteers found them very good. It is most useful having the writing at the back of the charts. We also found the abortion explained most informative. Now that we have seen how they worked in our in-house training we can see that they are going to be very useful in our counseling sessions.

Life Choices – Benoni: 

I have really enjoyed using [the flip charts] in my sessions, they are filled with so much information and are so relevant to what we are doing. The pictures are really great as well and the girls receive these materials well and leave my offices feeling well informed and can make good decisions regarding the life of their unborn child.