Women's Day Around the World!

March 8, 2017, was celebrated by LIFE International partners around the world! They spoke of the value of women, celebrated all ages, and defended human life at every age!

Our partner in Nepal, Voice of the Fetus, hosted events in two cities, providing food—spiritual and physical—to local women: 

“The Therefore Choose Life [event] went very productive among 100+ women in Babelone School in Kathmandu on the occasion of International Women's Day.”


“The Voice for the Voiceless program in Bhaktapur went very well today. More than 230 women participated and benefited directly.”

This may have been the first opportunity these women had to hear about how wonderfully they are made, and that God has a plan and purpose for their lives!

Africa Cares for Life Flip Charts

LIFE International has the opportunity to support life-giving work through the resources given to us by God. Recently we sent Life in the Womb flip charts to Africa Cares for Life. They distributed these flip charts to three of their life-giving ministry centers where men and women facing an unexpected pregnancy can go for spiritual and physical care.

We received these responses to the grant of flip charts:  

Amato Pregnancy Centre:

Our team used the flip chart Life in the Womb last week with our outreach. The reaction was very good: students loved it and were interested in all the pictures. The medical staff was in particular interested to use it in their clinics and enquired how they could purchase it.

Heart Matter – Grahamstown:

We all love the flip charts! [We] found them easy to use, the pictures are clear and gives one a clear view of the baby in the womb. We used them as part of our in-house training on Saturday and all our volunteers found them very good. It is most useful having the writing at the back of the charts. We also found the abortion explained most informative. Now that we have seen how they worked in our in-house training we can see that they are going to be very useful in our counseling sessions.

Life Choices – Benoni: 

I have really enjoyed using [the flip charts] in my sessions, they are filled with so much information and are so relevant to what we are doing. The pictures are really great as well and the girls receive these materials well and leave my offices feeling well informed and can make good decisions regarding the life of their unborn child.

Sowing Life

We were blessed by these reports from volunteer International Training Specialists who traveled with LIFE International in 2016—sowing life in the nations!

“I loved going with the LIFE International team to Ukraine. I felt the Holy Spirit on the whole trip—from the first airplane going, to the last airplane coming back. I asked God what to pray for each day and saw the fruit each evening.  

“I was so blessed with meeting people in Eastern Europe who also host Houses of Prayer. I can see how much power and spiritual movement that can make in each community. I will be praying for multiplication of houses of prayer, and pregnancy and adoption centers in all the nations.”  - Betty

“It was humbling to see that not everything we hoped for worked out, but it was equally wonderful to see how God took control of every situation that arose during the training.

“I had the LIFE International team pray with me before every [teaching] session. I learned a lot, was doubly blessed, and look forward to working with LIFE International again.  - Regional Training Specialist

Cooking for Life

LIFE International ministry partners, Centro de Vida, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia organized an exciting event this July called Cocinando por la Vida, or Cooking for Life

Professional chefs and other Santa Cruz celebrities were invited to partner with someone to cook on the special night. All of them accepted the challenge! Not only did they cook, they sold tickets to their friends! Some even asked to participate in the next Cocinando por la Vida.

Hotel Cortez, a 4-star hotel in the city, donated a space, equipment, and staff to serve people! Centro de Vida also received a donation of drinks from Coca-Cola, delivering more than twice their normal gift amount to non-profits.

One of the chefs invited to participate is a television show host, and the media coverage she gave for the event contributed to its success. 

All of the donations and the participation of Centro de Vida's staff and volunteers has contributed to the opportunity to share with people who need to hear about Christ, and in reaching potential volunteers and giving partners.

Photos used by permission.

The Holy Man

LIFE International ministry partners based in Tamil Nadu, India, shared this inspiring story of a man they encountered during a recent hospital visit. 

Guru: a Hindu religious teacher and spiritual guide.

Guru: a Hindu religious teacher and spiritual guide.

India—that's elephants, lots of people, and bearded gurus walking the streets in their saffron-colored outfits. Well, our hospital team recently met Pranav*, who used to be one of those 'holy' men, walking India's streets. 

He was lying in the hospital with no-one to attend him.

Keep in mind that in India, if you do not have a family member or paid assistant to attend to you, you are missing that vital person who will wash you, walk you to the bathroom, buy your food and medicine, and take care of your every need.

The first thing we did was wash him.

“India is home to 100 million elderly people today. Their numbers are likely to increase threefold in the next three decades” (Neglect and abuse: The reality of India's elderly people, Hindustani Times, 2015).

“India is home to 100 million elderly people today. Their numbers are likely to increase threefold in the next three decades” (Neglect and abuse: The reality of India's elderly people, Hindustani Times, 2015).

Pranav saw us and at that time he was still able to speak. “You can take care of me,” he said, “but only if you do not try and convert me. I am a Hindu.” We agreed. He was discharged from the hospital several days later. There was nothing else the hospital could do for him—he was dying.

We managed to place him in a home for the elderly, where we regularly visited him, washed him, and showed our love to him. It was on his last day here on earth that our staff member, Samarth*, asked him where he thought he would go when he died.

Holding his hand, Samarth shared our heavenly Father’s love for Pranav. When he was asked whether he wanted to repent of his sins and would like to spend eternity with His Creator, Pranav, unable to speak, gently squeezed Samarth’s hand. 

“May I pray for you?”

Again, Pranav squeezed Samarth's hand, and the faint smile on his face was truly beautiful. We love and serve a God who knows our thoughts from afar, who is merciful and forgiving, compassionate and kind!

*Names have been changed for privacy and security purposes. 

Through this hospital ministry, our partners have placed 64 elderly people in homes, reunited 17 patients with their families, and served 101 rejected people. Pranav was one of these.