Making Known the Father's Heart for Life

We pursue the broad expansion of self-sustaining ministry in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations.

What We Do

LIFE International has established a global ministry footprint through partnerships with diverse networks of global leaders, many of whom live in regions hostile to both life and the gospel. These leaders, who are actively involved in witnessing about Christ within their regions and nations, are often hungry for partnership.

As we pursue the expansion of God’s Kingdom in collaboration with like-minded Christian leaders, the infinite value of God’s image in all people is proclaimed throughout communities and nations worldwide. As a result, preborn children are saved from abortion, women and men receive healing from past abortions, and lives are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How We Do It

Leaders need resources that make plain the life-giving good news of the gospel. Women and men need education to reveal the truth about life in the womb. Communities need hope as human life is devalued and diminished.


Regional leaders are invited to learn about God’s global life movement and how they can participate.

Training Events

Men and women participate in workshops in order to be equipped for life-giving ministry in their culture and context.

Direct Care

Our partners provide compassionate care in diverse ways: crisis pregnancy guidance, maternity homes, orphanages, child-feeding programs, and more.

Prayer Initiatives

We abide with the Father and seek His will and His way in all that we do, so prayer leads all of our activity, at home and abroad.

Personal Coaching

There is no substitute for personal relationship and interaction, so we are committed to coaching our partners toward success in ministry.

Resource Development

Curriculum, books, brochures, and other physical resources are vital tools for making known the Father’s heart for life!

Online Education

Whether you live across the street or on the other side of the world, get equipped for ministry here!

How You Can Partner

We can’t do this alone, and your partnership can make a difference for life and the gospel in nations all over the world!

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Link arms with us, and with other global ministry partners, to be equipped for life-giving ministry.

Life International Volunteer


Become an ambassador for life, in your hometown and abroad.

Life International Pray


Join our virtual prayer team to support those in the field.

Be a Host

Be a Host