The two primary objectives of the LIFE International ITS Orientation are for all participants to:

  • Grow in understanding of LIFE International’s culture and spiritual foundations.
  • Improve their global cultural-intelligence quotient (CQ) in order to enhance their capacity for cross-cultural relationship building.

To accomplish these objectives this training retreat will facilitate dialogue on the following topics:

  • The LIFE International vision, mission and organizational culture
  • The International Training Specialist (ITS) Program, a strategy towards multiplication
  • Multiple worldviews of human life
  • Obstacles to relationship building in foreign cultures
  • The significance of cultural intelligence
  • Navigating biblical truth and cultural expression
  • When personal values collide with cultural values
  • How bias/prejudice affects everyone, even you!
  • Discerning next steps with LIFE International

The beginning and ending points of the LIFE International ITS Orientation (along with many points in between) are prayer and worship of God—not just in practice but also in posture.