Who should attend?

ITS Orientation is required of all LIFE International volunteers before traveling for the first time with LIFE International. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of LIFE International, our strategy for equipping others and preparing to travel internationally with us then you should attend. 

Where is the ITS Orientation Training Retreat being held?

First sessions at LIFE International

Remaining weekend at Wingshadow on the River

What time does the retreat start?

2:00pm at LIFE International

When does the retreat end?

2:00pm Sunday. Please make your plans accordingly so you do not leave early.

How far is the airport from LIFE International and Wingshadow?

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is about 20 minutes from LIFE International and 45 minutes from Wingshadow. Please make your plans accordingly so you do not arrive late or leave early.

How should I travel from the airport or hotel to LIFE International?

We will pick you up from the airport or hotel the day of the event and have you back to the airport or hotel by 3:00pm Sunday afternoon. Please send your travel itinerary to: ITS@lifeinternational.com so we can arrange your pick-up. 

Should I arrive the day before the retreat?

Some participants have mentioned that traveling and beginning the training retreat on the same day was exhausting for them. You may want to consider coming a day early and spending an evening in a hotel.

How should I dress during the training retreat?

This will be an informal time together. Please dress comfortably. Wear what will be the most conducive for you to sit in discussion times, move around for activities and take walks in the woods or along the river. Shoes at Wingshadow are always optional. Although we hope for warm, sunny days Michigan can often be cold, especially in the fall.

What should I bring?

Your Bible for times of worship, used in training and personal devotional time. Some people process things while writing so we encourage you to bring a Journal. A printed copy of your CQ profile (instructions given after registration). Bring an open heart and a spirit ready to share with others. See the Wingshadow Facilities for the room amenities available so you can plan accordingly.

What hotels are near the airport?

What are the room amenities?

What is the cancellation policy?

How much does the training retreat cost?

Is there internet available?

What will we do during the training retreat?

What is the schedule for the training retreat?

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