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Jesus Gave His All

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which marked the start of Holy Week. As I read Isaiah 53, I was struck by the words used to describe the conditions of our Lord’s treatment during the last week of His (pre-Resurrection) life: Despised Rejected Sorrows Grief Stricken Smitten...

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Modeled Worship

1 Chronicles 16 It is great to pause and reflect on God’s greatness. The activities of the Israelites in 1 Chronicles 16 were intentionally recorded, and the occasion is the first worship service before the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem! Days of celebration marked...

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Do You Believe I Love You?

“Do you believe I love you?” This is the question God has been asking me during the current season of struggle I’ve been experiencing for the past several years. It’s been a difficult yet transformative journey, for—by His grace—God has been leading me into a much...

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Trading in Trust

LIFE International believes that the primary currency in which we trade is trust. Trust between Man and God was broken when Adam and Eve believed the serpent rather than God. Since that time, until Christ died on the cross, there has been a continual...

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