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Team Leader

A veteran international traveler with an intimate understanding of LIFE International and the LIFE International Intimacy before Impact paradigm. The Team Leader gives overall supervision, makes and/or delegates decisions and tasks.

Giftings/Talents/Experience: Leadership, administration, discernment, faith, knowledge, wisdom, mercy, compassion, and excellent communication skills.


  • Ensure all trip elements are coordinated and moving forward as per the trip charter.
  • Keep event on schedule and make decisions about adjustments together with host as needed.
  • Keep alert towards the general feeling of how the event is going.
  • Maintain relationship with hosts, consulting with them on their perception of the progress of the event and informing them of the team’s impressions.
  • Lead debriefs at the end of each day to review what went well, challenges, and how things can be improved for the next day.
  • Discuss possible changes that need to be made and makes decisions on adjustments.
  • Ensure daily team devotions and prayer.
  • Be aware of team members’ adaptation to local culture and coach on CQ as needed. 

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