I will never forget the amazing privilege of participating in the birth of our first daughter Abigail. My awe and respect has never ceased for my wife since that moment!  After the birth of our next daughter Maggi and our son Calvin, I was ruined forever by this miracle of birthing life.  Each time it seemed like a miracle and each time my appreciation for my wife grew.

Throughout my ministry career, I have had the great opportunity to create ministries from conception to birth. One such ministry is the one that I’m serving in currently as Founder and President of LIFE International.  In a very different but similar way, I went through the birthing process in starting this ministry and bringing it to where it is today.

We are approaching our tenth year and along with a thriving and growing ministry, the ministry is requiring something new from me. Something I never envisioned that I would be doing, writing a book and creating regular blog postings along the way.

The only thing that gives me hope in this endeavor is what was present during the conception and birth of each of my children and during the conception and birth of LIFE International. That is my Father in Heaven. He is the creator of Life. He was creator of each of my children, the creator of LIFE International and I believe He will author this book.

I have been urged by our ministry coach, Mr. Tim Addington, Senior VP of EFCA Reach Global, and by the LIFE International board of directors to begin blogging and by the end of 2010, complete writing a book.

I had reservations about this because it would mean a major alteration to my current schedule and ministry focus.  God, in his faithfulness, has been chipping away at my reservations, one by one, over the last several months and has replaced them with reasons I should begin!

Here is a short reflection on why I can and should write or blog:

  • (Growth) I need to go deeper with the Lord in understanding the core issues of LIFE International as I continue to follow His leading of this ministry. Reflection and writing will help bring clarity to these issues as I listen and write. This is a time where I will be learning and growing. I’m convinced that writing well encourages thinking well and thinking well provides the platform for leading well.
  • (Spreading Passion) I carry a passion for this issue that comes from the Heart of the Father. Writing is one way of spreading this passion. Many of the words and concepts that will emerge from writing will potentially turn into talking points for future speaking engagements for the LIFE team.
  • (Teaching) Speaking truth with clarity concerning this issue is more important today than ever. This is necessary for the Health of the Church. The Truth when delivered with conviction sets people free (John 8:32)
  • (Influence) We live in an era of great confusion. The more time I spend in reflection, thinking and writing will greatly impact the strength of influence with my peers as well as creating tools that will empower others to influence their peers.
  • (Connection) This can be a great way to interact with all of you on key issues. I welcome your thoughts and questions which help me keep a better pulse on what are the issues you are wrestling with related to the topics I write on.
  • (Point of Reference) For future leaders and LIFE International staff and volunteers, this book will serve as a point of reference for the core convictions and vision of the ministry.
  • (Abiding) Writing will require that I spend more time abiding with Christ than what my current schedule permits. This is the single most convincing piece to this new initiative that I get excited about. I know the more time I spend with Him, listening, following Him, the better Leader I will be for LIFE International. There is a direct correlation to following well and leading well. The better that I am of following Christ, the better I will be in leading this ministry.

So, here we go, launching a blog and birthing a book. Welcome to the journey!

Be a Host

Be a Host