Dominican Republic: Ready for the Message

Over 15 years ago, a small group in Santa Cruz envisioned Centro de Vida, the first pregnancy resource center in Bolivia. At that time they set their sights on making an impact throughout Latin America.  This summer, Marco and Carmen Saavedra, Centro de Vida...

God’s Unexplainable “Hesed”

God has a ceaseless lovingkindness for humanity that defies all reasoning. In Hebrew it is known as hesed: compassionate and gracious; slow to anger; abounding in love and faithfulness; maintaining love to thousands; and forgiving wickedness, rebellion,...

International Training Specialist Highlight

Volunteer: Debora Wilbourn Location: Kenya Assignment: Teacher & Administrator Date: March 2015 Debora Wilbourn has volunteered with LIFE International since 2013, traveling to Zambia in 2014, and Kenya in 2015. She writes, “God has given me a deep passion for...

Looking Up

I have a great view of the vast nighttime sky from my backyard. Most nights you can find me gazing upward, taking in what I can of that magnificent expanse of space, reflecting on the God who created it and still rules over it. To the west is the Big Dipper, reminding...
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