ITS Orientation is required of all LIFE International volunteers before traveling with us for the first time. If you are interested in learning more about LIFE International and our strategies, or are preparing to travel internationally with us then you should attend!

The two primary objectives of the LIFE International ITS Orientation are for all participants to:

  • Grow in understanding of LIFE International’s culture and spiritual foundations.
  • Improve their global cultural-intelligence quotient (CQ) in order to enhance their capacity for cross-cultural relationship-building.


“I think LIFE International does an amazing job in helping the ITS be prepared as much as possible. From the cultural intelligence training [Orientation], to the process of helping us gain experience in a careful and thought out way, there is so much done to help us be prepared. Reality is, though, that ANYTHING can happen—from small things to large things—and you can’t predict everything that might come along. I have had the privilege of traveling with [LIFE International staff] twice now, though, and they do everything possible to guide and protect those that are with them. I really couldn’t ask for more!”

–ITS volunteer returning from a trip in 2015

Key concepts:

IQ is the measurement of cognitive intelligence.
EQ is the measurement of emotional intelligence.
CQ is cultural intelligence, an individual capability that can be measured and enhanced, aiding in our ability to interact cross-culturally.

For more information, check out the The Cultural Intelligence Center website.  

Click HERE to learn more about LIFE International ITS Orientation!

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Be a Host