Centro de Vida (Center for Life) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is staffed by an active, dynamic team of people whose desire is to reach the surrounding university community. Recently, the leadership applied to LIFE International for a grant for technology that will increase their capacity to respond and interact with clients.

 Director Cynthia Romero with new tools!

Director Cynthia Romero with new tools!

“With a thankful heart to the Lord for LIFE International and all the support you give, I want to share that we have purchased the laptop and smartphone that will be used to strengthen the crisis pregnancy program. 

This donation encourages and challenges us in the fight for life.

— Leadership of Centro de Vida


Through their excellent website, clients can ask questions, share their stories, and receive resources. Centro de Vida has paid special attention to developing their social media presence, understanding that young men and women receive their news and advice from these platforms. 

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