Diamond Pregnancy Support Center in Sydney, Australia, has become, like many of LIFE International’s partners, a place of frontline support for refugees arriving from war-torn areas. We shared the story of a center in Eastern Ukraine in 2015, and they too continue to serve families by providing food, clothing, and pregnancy support. 

Diamond Center shared with LIFE International this amazing story of a woman who has experienced the hardship of war first hand. When Miriam escaped out of Mosul, Iraq—a city still under siege—she spent two years in a refugee camp. At that time, Miriam’s sister was able to sponsor Miriam’s emigration to Australia. 

“Arriving in Australia pregnant, and with little support, we are now able to prepare [Miriam] for her baby, and to support and cherish her life as well as her unborn. Thank you for all those who sponsor, partner with, and support our work. We are grateful and so is Miriam.”



“The Lord is refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

— Psalm 9:9

Life-giving ministry addresses many violations of the value of human life. The Bible says that the Lord has a purpose for each life, and that He loves His creation! Diamond Center staff will be sharing about Christ’s love for Miriam as they provide physical care for her and her child.  

*Miriam’s name has been changed to protect her privacy. 

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