Written by Vinita Shaw, Founder & CEO of Disha Foundation

While watching Bye Bye Love, a Hollywood comedy on the lives of divorced men, the scenes of radio presenter Dr. Townsend brought afresh the powerful reach of radio to my mind, pushing me down memory lane. I remember the mornings when I was woken up to the signature tune of Back to the Bible children’s program, followed by a Bible story presented by Aunty Olive.

Amidst the hurried routine of the early morning and gulping down of breakfast, as we darted out to get our school bus, the seeds of the Word of God, which the radio program had scattered, got sown deep in the depths of my soul!

Years and many miracles later, I responded to the call of full-time Christian service and entered Trans World Radio-India, where I served for more than 20 years. The power of radio, as I witnessed firsthand, was so immense that I was prompted to write a book on the power of radio in India.

My tryst with radio continues to this day as through Disha Foundation. I speak in multiple languages in multiple weekly radio broadcasts that reach an estimated 80 million people across the Indian sub-continent, crossing all political, gender, religious, literacy, and caste boundaries.


Radio listeners call in by the thousands every week from all parts of India, even from the neighboring countries, saying:

“We listen to you every single week. If a man would only listen to your radio programs on gender equality four times in a row, I promise, he will be a changed man.” This was a male listener!

Another listener writes, “I am paralyzed. I love listening to your radio programs. Even though I cannot get up from bed, I tell people who come to visit me to listen to your program and know Jesus.”

A farmer calls from a remote village saying, “My family and I are the only Christians in this village. We received Jesus through your programs. We went across to all the computer centers asking for Christian songs to be downloaded, but they drove us away. Will you please send us songs about Jesus. We love Him.”


For those who think radio is outdated today, this is the testimony of a radio listener turned radio speaker; my journey from being a radio-fruit to fruit-bearing through radio.

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