We were blessed by these reports from volunteer International Training Specialists who traveled with LIFE International in 2016—sowing life in the nations!

“I loved going with the LIFE International team to Ukraine. I felt the Holy Spirit on the whole trip—from the first airplane going, to the last airplane coming back. I asked God what to pray for each day and saw the fruit each evening.  

“I was so blessed with meeting people in Eastern Europe who also host Houses of Prayer. I can see how much power and spiritual movement that can make in each community. I will be praying for multiplication of houses of prayer, and pregnancy and adoption centers in all the nations.”  – Betty


“It was humbling to see that not everything we hoped for worked out, but it was equally wonderful to see how God took control of every situation that arose during the training.


“I had the LIFE International team pray with me before every [teaching] session. I learned a lot, was doubly blessed, and look forward to working with LIFE International again.”  – Regional Training Specialist

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