Have you ever had the awkward feeling of standing out like a sore thumb? I have.

I was a guest speaker at a local church of about 300 people. I was escorted to the front row as the service began. After a few announcements, the worship team began to lead the congregation, and—being a guest—I wasn’t familiar with their routine. I was really enjoying the music, especially the bass player. I was singing enthusiastically and eventually stood and raised my hands. I was really enjoying my time with the Lord!

At one point my eye caught the bass player motioning downward toward me with his hand. “Too loud,” I thought, so I sang softer. Still motioning. “Oh, still too loud.” I sang softer yet. After receiving his signal several times, I couldn’t sing any softer…so I looked around. I was the only one standing up! With everyone else sitting down, I truly stood out like a sore thumb!

The thoughtful bass player had been trying to direct me to sit down without embarrassing me. But as I had only been focused on worshipping the Lord, I wasn’t aware of what was culturally correct in that setting. After the worship team concluded, it was my turn. I set aside the message I had prepared to share the one that God had just placed on my heart: standing up when everybody else is sitting down.

As believers when we speak truth, hope, and life into the world, and when we intentionally address the global mission field created by abortion and the devaluing of human life, we will increasingly stand out like a sore thumb. But I believe this is exactly how God has designed it.

As God’s people we are called to speak about Jesus—the way, the truth, and the life—to a dying world. If we don’t, no one else will. Are you prepared to stand out like a sore thumb…while the majority of the world is sitting down? Are you willing to stand for life, for truth, for the most innocent, for Jesus…no matter if you are the only one standing?

Be a Host

Be a Host