LIFE International believes that the primary currency in which we trade is trust. Trust between Man and God was broken when Adam and Eve believed the serpent rather than God. Since that time, until Christ died on the cross, there has been a continual deterioration of trust. Trust is broken between brother and brother; father and son; man and woman. Jesus came to restore the relationship between man and God, and in doing so He prepared the way for trust to be restored.

To those who seek to minister in life-giving ministries, we must first show ourselves to be trustworthy before the message can be received, contextualized, and integrated.We must show ourselves trustworthy by our humble posture, message, and interactions, reflecting the character of God, who made Himself like a servant.

In order to receive trust from others, LIFE International must stay the course in our relationships, through success and failure, joy and sorrow. We must keep our promises, protect God’s reputation, and put people ahead of tasks. We must take the time to enjoy those whose lives we celebrate. By virtue of these behaviors, postures, and communication, we will prove ourselves trustworthy, and trust is the currency in which we trade.