Vinita Shaw, Executive Director of DISHA Foundation, shared the following testimony of a man who found his Heavenly Father through the medium of radio!

At the age of 35, Manu was unmarried, unemployed, and lonely. Because he didn’t have a job, no one in his community would allow him to marry their daughter. As he got older, the stigma grew stronger, and people began to avoid him. His mother grew frustrated with Manu being at home with nothing to do, and would ask the local temple priest to perform rituals intended to reverse Manu’s bad luck. Nothing seemed to help, and he sunk deeper into self-pity and depression.

Manu’s one friend was his radio. He would spend long days wandering the fields listening to his favorite stations, passing the time and keeping his mind off his circumstances.

One day, as Manu was tuning the radio, he heard a soft song playing and knew it was a devotional program. He thought of all the prayers his mother offered in their home which he had grown so disgusted by, and was tempted to change the station. But he enjoyed the music, and so kept listening. This was his first exposure to Satya Vachan (Hindi for “True Words”) on FM Rainbow. The content struck a chord in his heart, and Manu listened to the program often.

Eventually, Manu hesitantly called in to the station. The woman who answered was warm and compassionate, and after Manu shared his struggles, she prayed with him on the phone.

Within a week, he got a job.

After this, Manu continued to talk to the radio counselor and listen to the Word of God through the program as often as he could. His faith in Christ began to grow, and soon he asked for prayer for marriage.

Not long after, Manu got married. He has been able to share Christ with his wife and they have grown in their faith together.

Recently, Manu called in to the radio station again. His wife was pregnant, and due to complications the doctor had suggested an abortion. Not sure what to do, Manu again asked the counselor for prayer and help. She sent him material on life in the womb, and shortly after, Manu heard a broadcast teaching about the consequences of abortion. He and his wife decided to choose life, and to pray for their child instead of abort. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but now both mother and baby are doing well.

 NW INDIA: a father allows a LIFE International volunteer to take a photo of his beautiful baby.


Vinita’s radio program is able to reach more than 80 million people across India! Manu and his wife received materials from LIFE International through the ministry of Vinita and her team. Praise God for a life saved!

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