Recently while in Kenya I was struck by the sincerity of the National leadership that I had the honor to address on the valuing of all human life. The leaders came from all over Africa with one goal in mind, to know the heart of the Father on life issues. We sat together for over eight hours addressing how God values all life, christian world view, post abortion trauma, and as pastors how we are impacted by the devaluing of human life in our regions of Africa. We discussed how every time a person falls victim to another, the Image of God is diminished.

We also came to the understanding that this is fundamentally an assault on God Himself. This attack on God is experienced by all of us as we see the devaluing of human lives all around us through abandoned children, orphans, child slavery, trafficking, prostitution, mal nourished children, domestic abuse, sexual abuse and abortion.

The attentiveness of each leader was humbling and at the end of the day we heard their responses to our day long effort which is summed up by a church planting leader from Liberia. He said, “You have faithfully imparted this life-giving message to us and now, it is our responsibility to take it to our land until all of Africa is reached.”

After I heard the intensity in my new friends voice, and looked around the room observing the expressions on each leaders face as he spoke, I have no doubt about the resolve they all have to fulfil that mission. I could not have conceived of a better outcome for that day than hearing those words and sensing their resolve. It almost made me feel sorry for the devil! ( nah…)

The resolve emerged as we discussed how the devil has ravaged much of Africa with war, genocide, poverty, hunger, disease and spiritual confusion. We discussed how the church itself is not immune to these issues and how many in the churches are in bondage to many of these inhumane and ungodly situations as well. The level of emotion and intensity that developed during this day literally compelled the leaders to a new resolve. I departed from the meeting with hope for the church. In Africa the church is very alive and ready to respond to the situations that devalue life. Once they hear the Fathers heart, they respond without hesitation.

Thank you Lord for our brothers and sisters in Africa who make bringing life to their nations a top priority. I know in doing so they are hearing your heart and bringing you the greatest pleasure!

I eagerly join them until all of Africa is reached.


Be a Host

Be a Host