The Way Forward for Indian Women

Contributed by Vinita Shaw, Founder & CEO of DISHA Foundation Words fail me as I live and work in New Delhi, India, amidst an explosion of people, choking pollution, heavy traffic, and runaway inflation. Depressing news headlines report cases of abandoned...

Hate What God Hates, Love What God Loves

“Love the sinner, hate the sin.” I get it, in theory. But because sin, by definition, is an act committed by a human being, it can be challenging—in practice—to separate the two: sinner and their sin. When a person commits a transgression—against me,...

From “Pro-Life” to Life-Giving

“When you think of a pro-life person, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?” This is the question I recently asked to a group of bright college and career singles in a local, Bible-believing church. Their energetic responses took more than 20...

A Factory of Idols

“Man’s nature…is a perpetual factory of idols.” John Calvin Hearing the word “idol,” it’s easy to picture chanting, bowing, dancing, and waving incense around a giant golden statue. If we aren’t doing that, we don’t have a problem worshiping idols,...
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