We received the following translated testimonies of Christian brothers and sisters who were delivered from bondage during a LIFE International-facilitated training in French-speaking Africa. (All names have been changed.)

“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free.” Galatians 5:13



“I was involved in incest and lesbianism, but when I was taught from these materials and prayed, I felt in my heart a great joy. I renounced all the evil acts I was involved in and promised never to return to those acts again. 

Praise God that He has delivered me and filled me with peace and joy.

— Mrs. Alpha

“I have aborted four times and although I asked God to forgive me several times, I still had guilt in my heart. After I was prayed for at the training I sensed total freedom in my heart! Praise God that He set me free from this guilt. 

I feel that I am forgiven.

— Miss. Ado

“Before I was married, I was going out with a married man who helped to provide for my needs. Even when I was married to another man, my heart was still attached to that first man whenever my husband and I were together. When I heard the illustration about how two hearts could not be separated, I understood why I was still attached to that man. To God be the glory that when I was prayed for I broke every covenant I had with that first guy. 

I no longer think about that man.

— Mrs. Julian

“My wife and I were involved in magic and were sold out to the power of darkness. When we were taught biblical worldview, we decided to give up these practices. 

We gave our lives to Jesus and publicly renounced those works of darkness.

— Mr. Kabongo

Praise God for the lives being redeemed on the front lines of this global movement for life!

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