We call the act of traveling from one place to another a journey, yet we also speak of life as a journey: “The journey of life.” Every human’s journey starts at conception and each journey is made up of countless day-to-day events. When the journey is complete, the book is closed and the story of our earthly travels becomes a testimony for those that come behind us.

A unique part of the life-giver’s journey is a movement toward understanding God’s heart concerning the issue of human life, and learning how to share His heart with other believers.

This journey requires leaders to “travel” from one place of understanding to another place. In order to be prepared for the journey, it’s important to know something about your destination. You’ll need a roadmap for use along the way otherwise you may end up off course. This blog will help to equip, empower, and release you with the knowledge and understanding of God’s heart, and love, for people—each of whom was created by God in His image. Your journey can be more than a passive one in which things happen to you. It can be an active one in which you become a life-giver.

Every individual has a story to tell, and no two stories are the same. And around and among each personal story are deeper layers: stories of marriage, of family, of community, and of culture. Some chapters are full of bravery and inspirational events—experiences that perhaps encouraged you, or elevated others. Other chapters are sad or tragic, involving people, places, and events that you may want to forget about. Many experiences—whether hopeful or tragic—persist in our collective memories, and some stories have the power to impact the world for generations to come.

Be a Host

Be a Host