Every few weeks we offer an online version of our Journey of a Life-Giver training.  This typically runs for two hours each day for five consecutive days.  These training sessions are offered free of charge and available to anyone!  Here are comments from recent participants.

“Even though I have learned the lessons taught before, as the speaker elaborated on each lesson, I felt God speaking more and more to me about His heart for Human Life. I am energized to be a life-giver in my society and even beyond. The inward satisfaction gained from this training cannot be expressed outside. It is an inner joy to know how God made me, and He cares for me as His image-bearer.” – W., virtual training participant

“I was thinking that abortion is okay in certain situations, but after going through the training I could not control my tears to fall from my eyes…Abortion is not okay in any situation…” – Student in Nepal

“God is calling me to reach out to counties of Liberia to speak about His heart for life. My target groups are local church leaders and pastors, women’s ministry, and workers who haven’t heard of God’s heart for life…I am interested in making the training my own, so that I will be able to train other people to become life-givers too.” – W., virtual training participant

“I appreciate the truths and Bible teaching of God’s design for life, and I appreciate the interactivity and hearing people, their responses, and the culture they come from. It shows value toward people and what they have to say about very important topics that aren’t often discussed…I love how there is so much on valuing life created in God’s image in very physical and practical ways, and then also it shows our great need for a spiritual birth, forgiveness, and redemption in Jesus Christ.” – virtual training participant

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Be a Host