When leaders are equipped in a biblical worldview and have an understanding of both the Father’s heart for life and how life is devalued in their culture, they too become champions for life—helping to transform their cities and nations!

“This training spoke to me the very importance of life that is given by Almighty God. It is God who protects and provides.”P., Liberia

“God is leading me to encourage the brokenhearted, those who aborted and those who were involved, that when you confess, God forgives and heals us. I am so grateful for the Journey of a Life-Giver, because it has changed my life completely and forever.” M., Uganda

This training has spoken to me personally about God, the Life-Giver. I received Jesus and know about his love for us and plan to teach others.” Liberia

“This training has spoken to me about how to save lives and teach other women and girls to save lives.” A., Liberia

“People of the world need the Lord; they need to hear the Gospel in order to understand how precious life is and every life is God-given.”New Zealand

“This training has spoken to me personally about a responsibility that the church has almost forgotten. I received the urgency to jumpstart the family ministry I’ve been dreaming about. In addition, I want you to know my church family will not be left out of this life-saving knowledge.”Pastor M., Liberia

“Every human life from its conception to natural death is of value in front of God. So now I try to value it as much as God does. I have a passion to equip believers in Sri Lanka with biblically solid and practical teachings. I see the value and need for this life material. I am interested in reproducing this training in Sri Lanka.”Pastor I., Sri Lanka

“This training has spoken to me about the wonders of God in the formation of babies, and also in the biblical view of abortion.”M., Liberia

“I was challenged to look beyond my professional training and seek to protect life. God is calling me to use what I learned in ministry to the youth of Northern Ghana.”Pastor E., Ghana

“I received forgiveness and healing and plan to teach others the importance of life. I want you to know that God values what you have done for us. Pray I will do the same for others.”Pastor O., Liberia

Be a Host

Be a Host