Writing used with permission of the author, June Blanshan, Executive Director of Ignite South Africa

Approximately 6 months ago a team from LIFE International joined us to lead a Church Leader Training on the Sanctity of Life. In preparation for this training I met with Michelle, LIFE International’s Ministry Liaison, who asked what our goal was in regards to the training. I must admit to being taken aback as I “sat on my heels” and pondered the question.

My answer focused on equipping our leaders and then prayerfully consider how we would use the information to move forward. I also shared being open to God’s leading with Ignite, but never expected it to impact me on a personal level. 

 Church leaders study the Word together during November 2014 Church Leader Training

Church leaders study the Word together during November 2014 Church Leader Training

Beginning with the prayer initiative and continuing through the start of the week, I knew God was stirring something. The “what” was not apparent until their team leader Brad, and his wife Lynn, began to share their story. A story of adoption and that of adopting. 

You see, when I was a senior in high school I found myself a confused, trying-to-numb-the-pain, pregnant teen. Through this pregnancy God taught me that all the trials and challenges that come can be used to build me, or break me. It was my choice.

After birth I chose to release my tiny daughter to a family who could keep her safe and provide all that I could not. Though not an easy decision, I knew it to be right.

Since that day, I have spoken about the adoption option to pregnant teens, and shared my testimony whenever God prompted. However, a shift occurred after hearing from Brad and Lynn. I went from being a young girl who made a mistake and released her baby, to being a birth mom.

A woman who chose life and gifted it to another to love and raise.

While it might not sound like much to you, it was an earthquake moment for me.
A continental shift in perception.
An embrace from a loving God.

Who would have guessed that by inviting a team from LIFE International to serve our leaders, God would minister and gift me in such a personal way. Jehovah IS sneaky as He cares about the small personal details we try to ignore. God doesn’t live in a box nor does He do things in a traditional way.

He uses all things, when we let Him—for our good!

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