Will you join us in God’s work throughout DR Congo and the world?

Thousands of abortions are performed annually in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is here, in the capital city of Kinshasa, that LIFE International partnered five years ago with Pastor Nubako Selenga and his wife, Claudine, to carry the sanctity-of-human-life message and ministry resources into this city and throughout the nation.

Claudine has started 40 Tabitha Centers, where at-risk women and girls (many of whom have experienced neglect and/or abuse) hear the Gospel, gain job skills, and learn that God loves them. They are encouraged that, even with the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy, abortion is never the solution.


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Neva*, a Tabitha center worker, recently attended the prolife training conference sponsored by LIFE International in Kinshasa. She learned that a friend was pregnant and considering abortion. Neva visited her and shared all that she had learned: God loves her and her baby, and God has a plan. As a result, this young pregnant woman chose life for her baby!

Taped to the wall of Pastor Selenga’s office is a photo of this newborn baby. We want to see hundreds of baby pictures taped to that wall…and you can help!

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