Music filled the air. Here, a string quartet. There, a woodwind trio. Down the block, improvisational jazz. Nearby, an opera singer.

Then the art and the architecture. The opera house, the central plaza, the circular fountain beautified by a radiant bride and her party. Oil painters capturing the sights with palette knives and brushes. Mimes, dancers, and evangelists preaching the Word.

Lviv, Ukraine, is like a postcard come to life. I joined dozens of leaders there recently for our annual Regional Office Summit. I was invigorated by the vitality of this western Ukrainian city, where the cobblestone streets were filled with the sounds of conversation and laughter, which would carry on into the late hours of the night.

The musicians, artists, and performers throughout the city were weaving a living tapestry every day, each one different than the last. The creativity, the energy, and the expression were openly and generously shared with no reservation or inhibition. Every passerby was able to feast on the sights and sounds of the rich heritage of this ancient city.

As these individuals were sharing these treasures, I wondered: Am I willing to do the same? Am I willing to share my deepest treasure? Am I willing to sing of Jesus as beautifully as the guitarist strums his chords? Am I willing to speak of His love as effortlessly as the dancer glides over the uneven stones of the street? Am I willing to paint a picture of God’s redemption as vividly as the artist smooths his paint upon the canvas?

With God’s strength, this is possible! We can do all these things, and more! Are we each willing to speak of Jesus as naturally and effortlessly as these artists have taken their gifts to the streets? Lord, let it be so!

Be a Host

Be a Host