With travel restricted and borders closed, our work at LIFE International has looked very different during the past few months. When staff members returned from a training workshop in Africa and a conference in Malta this February, we had little idea of the paradigm shift we’d all soon face around the world.

Yes so much has changed, but it seems as though there has been no shortage of negativity in the midst of this pandemic. Depression, anxiety, and frustration have been on the rise. Social media has become a constant yelling match. Existing tensions within nations have been brought to new heights. In the midst of this, churches and ministries have earnestly prayed and sought discernment for how to act in an environment of hurt and fear. At LIFE International, we’ve had to ask the same questions within our own ministry. How can we be the feet of Christ if we cannot go? How can we be the hands of Christ if we cannot reach?

While we knew our own staff travel would be restricted for at least several months, we also knew that God’s work would not be put on pause because our airline reservations had been cancelled! To the contrary, we knew God’s work would become more visible in the midst of this pandemic. It didn’t take long before we began hearing stories of tremendous need and in response, enormous provision from our partners. As society increasingly shut down, God’s people have had seen open doors, new opportunities to get to work. At LIFE International, we’ve heard from many partners who have provided food and critical supplies to remote villages. We’ve heard from other partners who are seeing record numbers of people seeking counseling or calling crisis pregnancy hotlines. We’re hearing testimonies of people in closed countries that are eager to learn more about God – places where such things might have seemed impossible just months ago!

In our newsletter this past month, we shared the story of one South Asian partner who has been working tirelessly for the cause of the Gospel during this time. This leader has continued to connect with church leaders around the world, coordinating online trainings and gatherings. As our president Kurt Dillinger wrote, “This life-giving leader has not passively allowed pandemic restrictions to hinder his ministry. He has made the most of the tools available to him to make an impact in the world.”

Year-to-date, this leader has trained 122 church leaders in our Journey of a Life-Giver curriculum. New connections have been made all across South Asia and even to other continents. Online churches, life groups, and youth Bible studies have started, connecting believers in new ways. This online fellowship is life-giving for many of these brothers and sisters as they face persecution in their communities and nations.

Around the world, partners like this are standing in the gaps: in the places where life is most devalued. They continue to make known our Father’s heart for life, equipping life-givers to address the most difficult issues of our time. The presence of a pandemic does not hinder their efforts. On the contrary, it has brought greater focus and dedication to their work. They know the truth: that the light of the Gospel shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. We look forward to sharing many more of these stories showcasing God’s work through our partners!

Be a Host

Be a Host