When we view the preborn as fully human, there are some very unique characteristics about them that set them apart as a people group. This may be the first time and possibly the only time that you will hear the preborn referred to as a people group, but we must recognize how fully human they are and this is my attempt at describing them as fully human. I recognize them as a people group set apart from all others.

Here are several characteristics that set them apart when put together as a whole:

1. They are Hidden

In the developed world through medical technology—ultrasound—we can see and view the preborn person in the womb. This is truly amazing but this technology is rarely available to the majority world. The majority of preborn people in our world are truly hidden.

2. They have No Voice

God is still forming their capacity to speak while in the womb. They are completely dependent on others to be their voice, up to the day they enter this world. At that point we are all amazed at the capacity of their voice throughout the day and night.

3. They are Persecuted

Over 42 million preborn people are killed every year, around the world through abortion. This is a conservative and yet staggering number. Many countries do not report or have dependable health record–keeping procedures. The actual number of abortions globally every year, therefore, is estimated as being much higher.

4.They are Unreached

The preborn people are unreached in part because we do not recognize them as part of the Great Commission. We must recognize the opportunity when serving women who are pregnant as an opportunity the Lord has given us to reach two for the Kingdom, not only one. And, who knows what the Lord has in store for that preborn person?

5. They are the most Vulnerable and Innocent of all humanity

Clearly the preborn person is completely dependent on her mother for everything she needs to sustain her life and grow in a healthy way. The preborn are completely innocent from any human wrongdoing and in–need of complete protection. The mother’s womb is designed by the Lord to be that nurturing, protective environment.

Many in missions today may not count the preborn as a people group but I believe it is time they are included in the global missions effort. Even though they are smaller than us, they are just as valuable and loved by God. We are compelled to reach them as we care for their mothers and fathers. In doing so we help spread the Gospel of Life in two very important ways; saving the mother spiritually and saving the baby physically who will hear the gospel message from her mom in the years to come. This is our hope!

Be a Host

Be a Host